Below is a selection of recommendations, comments and feedback from people who have worked with Noel.

I found Noel to be helpful, passionate about supporting young people and families and great at problem solving. Noel has a wealth of experience in local authority care planning, social issues and working with families across the Bradford District.

Zoe, Team Manager, Bradford

Noel is a trusted, effective & ethical manager who is committed to the public sector.

Martin, Independent Human Resources Professional, Bradford

I had the pleasure of attending several conferences with Noel and the even greater pleasure of his company. He is a bright and witty guy who is able to think in and out of the box.  If Noel is writing or talking about it, whatever it is, it is worth taking note.

Ward, Lawyer, American Federation of Government Employees, Washington DC

I cannot recommend Noel enough; a thoroughly professional, knowledgable yet friendly approach. A decision to work alongside him is one you will never regret.

Leanne, Northampton

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